The Areas

Everything inside Villaggio a Mare is a metaphor for nearby Venice… and the water is magically transformed into lawns and shady gardens. The entire Venetian village is connected by a network of paths, the calli, that crisscross the green areas and lead to the central swimming pool, or campo.

AREA 1. Sestrier dele macchine e dei şioghi (games)

This area includes all the roads, the footpaths that lead through the green areas, the swimming pool and those green areas set aside for games and the entertainment arena.

AREA 2. Sestrier dei cocolessi

Mediterranean style par excellence: villas with flat roofs, split rock and whitewashed walls, clean lines and lots of lovely light.

AREA 3. Sestrier del canton

Very Venetian neighbourhood style:
with pitch roofs and ledges, alleys and covered passageways.

AREA 4. Sestriere dele fameje

Small villas with gardens on two or three sides, sometimes with private terraces for sunbathing.

AREA 5. Sestriere dele cjacole

An ensemble of tourist lodgings set in a semi-circle that act as a natural backdrop for the entertainment arena.

AREA 6. Campiello Casanova

The small, cosy square that offers shops and the chatter of other guests…Daily life on a human scale.
The ideal place to get together and, why not, make new friends or perhaps even start a new romance.

An aerial view of the Villaggio